25 Feb 2023

This Tasting Australia, we're hosting a classic (and seriously good value) one framed by your best memories from back in the day. At Uni Days, expect delicious eats, quality booze, live music – and one hell of a celebration.  

All the fun will unfold at UniBar Adelaide, a student go-to for decades. Calling the culinary shots: graduate Adam Liaw, one of Australia’s favourite cooks and holder of University of Adelaide degrees in law and science. Expect stalls of Asian-inspired fare featuring the freshest South Australian produce, plus the chance to chat with Liaw as he calls in at each.  

In our Q&A with Adam, he shares why he's excited to come back to South Australia, what to expect from the food at Uni Days and what his signature dish to make was when he was a uni student..

Adam Liaw
Festival Star

Tell us three things about yourself. 
I love backcountry snowboarding, scuba diving and industrial design. 

Why are you excited to come back to South Australia for Tasting Australia?
I grew up in South Australia so I jump at any opportunity to come home, to visit family and eat great food. 

You're University of Adelaide alumni. Why is it so special to be coming back for Uni Days?
I spent 5 years studying here so University of Adelaide was a big part of my growing up. I don't think I've been back since I graduated so it's going to be a bit of a blast from the past for me. 

Why is Uni Days a must-attend event at Tasting Australia?
King Stingray is one of the best bands going around at the moment! 

Tell us about the food we can expect at Uni Days.
The menu is basically the kind of dishes I cook at home, spun with a bit of influence from Indigenous ingredients. There are wattleseed and sesame noodles, lamb and alpaca skewers with cumin and kutjera, and dumplings with an XO sauce made from cured tuna hearts.

What was your signature dish to make while you were at university?
Honestly, chicken curry two-minute noodles. One packet of chicken noodles and one packet of curry noodles and mix them together.

What restaurants are you planning to dine at while you’re back in SA?
Delicatessen on Waymouth St is one of my favourite places to eat and I always keep coming back there.

What makes South Australian produce so special?
Good produce is produced by people who know good food, and South Australians know good food!


Where you'll find Adam at Tasting Australia

  • Uni Days: Saturday night at uni has never looked better. We’re hosting a classic (and seriously good value) party in the city’s heart, one framed by your best memories from back in the day. Expect delicious eats, quality booze, live music – and one hell of a celebration.