Entry Benefits

  • Products will be peer reviewed by a panel of industry experts led by Head Judge Ollie Margan, and all entrants will receive attribute scores and a summation of judges’ commentary. 
  • Award-winning distillers will be provided with the Tasting Australia Spirit Awards Marketing and PR Kit to assist with promoting their win and marketing their spirits and liqueurs with a seal of quality. 
  • Award-winning entrants will have their products showcased at 2024 Tasting Australia presented by RAA Travel. Learn more about Tasting Australia.

Entry Requirements

  • Entrants must hold an Australian Taxation Office licence to manufacture excisable products – alcohol. 
  • If a distributor or other is entering an exhibit on behalf of the manufacturer, they must obtain proof of licence and permission information. 
  • Entries must be manufactured, distilled and packaged in Australia.  
  • Entries must comply with Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code – Standard 2.7.5 – Spirits. 
  • Entries must comply with the Australian regulatory requirements that apply in relation to product, labelling and excise (including the Excise Act 1901). 
  • Entries must comply with Government of South Australia producers liquor licence, complying with production, dispatch and delivery. 
  • Entrants may submit multiple products for entry into the Tasting Australia Spirit Awards, so long as they demonstrate technical difference between product – a product can be entered only once into a chosen category and class. 
  • Entries must be submitted for judging in packaging that is consistent with the commercial sale of the product. 
  • Entries submitted for judging must be one (1) x 700mL bottle or equivalent volume across multiple bottles of the same batch. 
  • Entrants are responsible for sample delivery and the product must be received by no later than 4pm on Friday 1 September 2023. 

Held Finished Bottled Stock Requirements

There are minimum required quantities of held finished bottled stock for all spirits and liqueurs at the final day for delivery; Friday 1 September 2023. The minimum quantity required is 50L.