Tom Bradman and Verity Slee are the founders and owners of Nomad Farms. Before starting Nomad Farms in 2013, Tom worked for the Commonwealth Government department of Agriculture in Canberra in both legal and policy roles, most recently as director of Sustainable Agriculture Policy. Verity has an extensive background in public health both in SA and interstate. She also manages the latest Nomad Farms enterprise - botanically dyed wool. This adds further diversity to the poultry, beef and hogget production at Nomad Farms.

Nomad Farms continues to develop as a successful small family farming business based on the Fleurieu Peninsula, SA. They have a passion for local, regional produce, produced using methods which regenerate landscapes and communities. They aim for the best produce, using these techniques and aim to share this with chefs and home cooks alike.

Nomad Farms constantly strive to improve landscape health. They think healthy, diverse, abundant ecology is the very driver of highly productive farms, that they are one and the same, and such systems drive ecology, communities and economics in a positive direction. This is why they call what they do ‘regenerative’. It builds.

Nomad Farms has received several awards for both landcare work and for the quality of produce.