12 Apr 2023

Joining us from the English county of Dorset is Gill Meller, a chef, food writer and cookery teacher at the legendary River Cottage. He champions seasonal cooking that makes the most of ingredients and their natural qualities. He takes inspiration from the landscape, the seasons and the community of farmers, growers and fishers living and working around him.   

This year, Gill joins Danielle Alvarez and Fabian Lehmann for McLaren Vale Made. A special meal awaits by this trio of chefs who share nature as their muse, and the chance to explore the remarkable Maxwell Wines. In the meantime, learn more about Gill in our Q&A.

Q&A with chef Gill Meller

Tell us three things about yourself. 
I went to Art school and never intended to become a cook. 
When I look back, It is always the simplest meals I enjoy the most.
I have lots of different chefs knives, but i only ever use one of them, my favourite.

What do you know about South Australia – and what do you hope to discover?
I've never been to South Australia before. I'm very excited! I'd love to swim in the sea while I’m there, and eat somewhere near the coast.

Can you give us a taste of what McLaren Vale Made guests can look forward to?
It’s shaping up to be a wonderful event! The menu is beautiful and I can't wait to meet and work alongside Fabian and Danielle.

How do you approach seasonal cooking?
With anticipation, consideration and respect.

What inspires your own recipes and the books they feature in?
I take inspiration from the changing seasons, the ingredients I like to cook with, and from the farmers, growers, and fishers who I source the produce from.

What’s your advice to a home cook eager to improve?
Always taste your food as you’re cooking! Build up the layers of flavour as the recipe progresses and make sure you are happy with the direction it’s taking.

Outdoor cooking: why do you love it?
I love cooking and I love being outside, so what could be better than cooking outside? It’s always more interesting and fun and the food always tastes so good, even it’s something incredibly simple.

What's your dream dining experience?
Long sunny lunches with family and friends. Probably by the sea.


Where you'll find Gill at Tasting Australia

  • McLaren Vale Made: Losing yourself in the moment is a mantra at Maxwell Wines. Its McLaren Vale base features vineyards - as you would expect - but also a living maze and lime cave: surprises at their finest. Now, exclusively for Tasting Australia, it will host a lunch prepared by a trio of chefs who share nature as their muse.