What does true food adventure feel like?

Embark on a culinary adventure through the diverse landscapes of South Australia, where each corner offers a unique gastronomic delight.

Begin your journey in Adelaide, a city teeming with culture, flavors, and year-round festivities. From tucked-away small bars to rooftop gems, the city sets the stage for culinary exploration. Discover the historic Barossa's more than 90 cellar doors and a proud food culture built on local produce. The Fleurieu Peninsula invites beach lovers and wine enthusiasts alike to revel in coastal culinary experiences. Just 30 minutes from Adelaide, the Adelaide Hills offer cool-climate wines, charming local communities, and lush scenery. Continue to Clare Valley, a region that slows time and celebrates life's pleasures through more than 50 cellar doors and diverse cultural experiences. Head to the Eyre Peninsula for the freshest catch amid wild beauty, and uncover an unfiltered island paradise on Kangaroo Island. Immerse yourself in the magic of the Limestone Coast with its UNESCO World Heritage-listed caves. Explore the Murray River, where water, wine, and starlit skies chart a course for relaxation, and discover the Riverland, a region that enriches the culinary journey with its own unique charm.

Tasting Australia presented by RAA Travel is a celebration of the state's culinary excellence, offering a journey through the heart of South Australia's rich flavors and hospitality.


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