Braising Boy

Mexican cuisine of beauty and authenticity, taking cues from relaxed street food with restaurant-worthy flavour. Braised slow, eaten fast.   





Beef Birria Tacos (3) — $25

Beef braised in guajillo and ancho chilies and spices for 10 hours, served on melted cheese crispy tortilla with salsa roja, coriander and onion. GF
Consommé to dip – $1 

Fish Tacos — $20

Deep fried tequila battered fish, served on a corn tortilla, with chipotle mayo, slaw, salsa and pickled onion. 

Pork Belly Tacos (2) — $20

Pork belly confit in its own fat with citrus, served on a corn tortilla topped with salsa verde, guacamole and pickled onion. GF/DF

Sweet Potato Tacos (2) — $18

Roasted sweet potato served on blue corn tortilla with roast capsicum and almond salsa, feta, fried shallots, and spring onion. GF

Corn Ribs — $18

Corn ribs, deep fried and tossed in butter and lime, topped with chipotle mayo and pecorino cheese. GF